You Need a Whole Home Audio System

Whole home audio, also known as multi-room audio and/or audio distribution, is a great way to enhance your home audio experience and streamline controls.  Who wouldn’t like to make their technology a little easier to use, reduce how many separate audio systems and remote controls you need or every room, and have total scalable control over their audio at home? Whole home audio is more accessible for every homeowner than ever before.

Home audio distribution technology has dramatically improved in the last few years and now you can easily control what is playing, and where, right from your phone, tablet, or remote control of choice. With multi-room, multi-source audio, you can play different things in different areas simultaneously with ease. A single source can be distributed to every room but if you have more than one person living in your home it might ideal to have multi-source audio as well so that there is never a fight for control over who picks the tunes.

Your whole home audio system can also include any outdoor speakers or sound systems you have outside for total control of your home audio experience without having to mess with frustrating controls that are hard to use. And, when professionally installed, your whole home audio system wiring will be high quality and hidden so that you don’t have to look at messy clutter from wires – your audio system will seamlessly integrate into your home so that all you have to do is pick your music and enjoy!

What are the components needed for home audio?

Music can be relaxing and revitalizing after a hectic day. People can watch their favourite movies or TV shows with a high-quality sound system. Whole home audio systems also provide music to outdoor spaces for relaxing.


This device is essential to deliver audio throughout the home. To get the best sound quality possible, one must invest in high-end receivers. It is best to install a combination of devices like a receiver and amplifier to get the maximum output.

Surround speaker

The source of all inputs and outputs in a whole audio system is surround speakers. People would connect their television to these speakers, along with other components. Similar to a high-end receiver, top-notch speakers are essential to get the best acoustics and true to life sound.


Speaking of outdoor audio, loudspeakers can bring the music to patio or garden. People can listen to their favourite radio programs or stream music online by installing loudspeakers around the property. It will even include a loudspeaker that can replicate low frequency sounds to create excellent listening experience.

Surge protection

When it comes to whole audio systems, people shouldn’t neglect the safety elements. Surge protectors are essential to protect their high-end devices from voltage level drops. It will also ensure access to connect multiple components without any hassle. These essential features will also keep the safe levels for improved protection.

How to plan a whole home audio installation

The first thing people should consider is finding out the room or zones in their house. This will help them to decide the ideal scope of a project and avoid problems later. Essentially, they can also assess the number of speakers needed to enable whole home audio. When there are multiple zone, make sure to buy extra sets of speakers and sources.

The number of audio sources will depend on the setup. People may want the option to simultaneously stream audio in different area. Modern receivers are available with multi-zone features capable of dealing with various sources. This will also ease of tension of controlling all the connected devices.

Depending on their preference and budget, people can decide between wired or wireless system. The primary benefit of wireless systems is that they provide flexibility. There is no need to rearrange or relocate any of the speakers when wireless components are chosen. Most importantly, it eliminates the hassle of cable management.

Most outdoor audio systems prefer in-wall speakers because they can repel water and other natural elements. Careful consideration is necessary while choosing the best speaker type for a setup. Bookshelf speakers can also be an ideal choice to get maximum sound output.

Lastly, people need to decide between DIY or professional installation. It is always best to hire professional contractors to get customized speaker installation. The certified technicians provide exemplary quality installation services. Their services are needed for complex projects with a unique design.

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