Work From Home, Then Relax From Home

Newport Beach Home Audio

In just a couple of weeks we went from typical daily routines that were over-scheduled with early alarms, in person meetings, events, lunches, and networking to a quick halt. Being home has many adjustments to our lives and gives us a chance to notice all those at-home improvements we’ve been wanting to make.

Adjusting to work, exercise, family-time, and everything else in our lives now operating from one place requires making changes to your space. Was your home prepared for this? If you’re answer is ‘no,’ then we can help.


Here are five things we can do to help you adjust to this new life at home:


1. Smart Home and Voice Control Synchronization.

a. Problem: You have a lot of devices, but they don’t talk to each other.

b. Solution: We can help sync your devices so that they can be controlled by your voice from anywhere in your home. That would be extremely helpful now.


2. Touch-Screen Operating Systems.

a. Problem: You’re working from your office space but need to turn on the lights in your living space.

b. Solution: We can integrate all your house electronics into a program that can be controlled through your phone. And who goes anywhere without their phone nowadays?









3. Slow WIFI

a. Problem: Now that your entire family is home all the time, your WIFI is acting up and not functioning properly.

b. Solution: You could limit everyone’s usage.. Or you could give us a call and we will set up a WIFI system in your home that allows all gadgets to be used freely from any room in your home.


4. Home Theaters

a. Problem: Most likely you have a TV set-up that is working just fine, but bigger is better, right?

b. Solution: Our team can custom build a home theater within your home that will keep you sane during the duration of this pandemic.


5. Security Alerts

a. Problem: You are home all day now and are hearing more noises around your home than usual.

b. Solution: Let us install a series of cameras around your home that allow you to check on unusual noises from the comfort of your couch.

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