Why You Need an Electrical Technician for Home Inspections

Whenever a home is being sold, it’s a common practice for a prospective buyer to hire a home inspector. Smart buyers also engage the services of a licensed electrician to check and identify any electrical problems that a regular home inspector might miss. Both Audio Concepts and Desert Valley Audio & Video have dedicated teams of electricians. 

As houses get smarter and filled with more technology, residential electrical systems are critical to the day-to-day operations of your home. These systems are complex, dangerous, and should only be inspected and serviced by trained and qualified electrical technicians. It is imperative that your electrical system be serviced by someone qualified for the safety of your property and all who inhabit it.

Here are the most common problems we have seen why you need an electrical technician for your home inspection.

  1. Improperly Wired Switches

This is most common when people try to do their own wiring or hire somebody who has only rudimentary electrical skills often resulting in hot and neutral wires get “flipped” around, and doing this creates a shock hazard.

  1. Missing or Faulty GFI Outlets

GFI (short for ground fault interrupter) outlets are required wherever an electrical outlet is close to a source of water or moisture (i.e. kitchen or bathroom). GFI failure is when an outlet frequently ‘trips’ resulting in the loss of power to localized electrical components. 

  1. Double-Tapped Circuit Breakers

This occurs when two wires are attached to a single breaker – a dangerous practice. As most circuit breakers are designed for single wires, this can cause loose connections, arcing, and potentially a fire. 

  1. Exposed Light Bulbs

It’s not uncommon to find exposed light bulbs. All light bulbs should be fully covered or enclosed to prevent the heat from the light bulb becoming a potential fire hazard. Thinking about upgrading the lights in your home? We can design custom smart home lighting for you.

  1. Ungrounded Receptacles

Ungrounded outlets just have two slots to plug into, whereas grounded outlets have two slots plus a hole for the ground wire. It’s a good idea to have ungrounded receptacles upgraded to minimize risk of fire in the event that there is ever a fault with the electrical component using the circuit. Plus, we can install power outlets with built in USB plugs for all your charging needs.

  1. Electrical Panel

During the course of a routine electrical inspection, it’s all too common to find several problems within a home’s service panel itself, such as: incorrect wiring, breaker problems, unused openings, and visible damage. We can’t stress enough the importance of having an electrical panel that’s both large enough to accommodate your home’s electrical needs, and that the panel is in good working condition.

  1. Missing or Wrong Covers

All electrical switches, receptacles and junction boxes should be covered for safety, especially in a home with children and / or pets. There are national electrical codes for “wet locations” and proper equipment from covers to receptacles that need to be used.

  1. Receptacles Need to Be Tamper Resistant

Tamper-resistant receptacles are designed to stop a child from inserting an object, such as a paper clip, into an outlet. They’re required for all locations, indoors and out. 

You don’t have to be in the process of buying a new home to make an electrical inspection worthwhile. If you are concerned about any of these in your home then give us a call to schedule a comprehensive electrical inspection or upgrades.

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