Whole Home Audio Is More Affordable Than You Think

To some, the concept of walking from one end of their house to another while listening to their favorite album or never missing a podcast because you have to check the on the cookies is nothing more than a fantasy. Wiring your whole house for audio has got to be expensive…right?

Contrary to popular belief, you can make your house into an audio wonderland without breaking the bank. With just a few simple ideas you’ll never have to worry about listening to tunes by the pool again!

In the Zones

Before doing any major installation, separate your house into zones where you want to have audio. This will help you determine what rooms require speakers and how many you’ll need to cover each area. Some places that you might want audio include:

  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Den
  • Bedroom
  • Exterior deck/porch
  • Garage

This can save you in the long run by being selective about where and how you want everything to sound when fully integrated.

Wiring Woes

The biggest hurdle that any audio enthusiast faces when deciding to add audio to multiple rooms is how to link everything together. Hiding speaker wire in one room is a pain, but trying to have it bridge multiple rooms over multiple floors can be a nightmare.

One way to avoid costly installations is to work rewiring in with other remodeling projects. This way you can set up they system as you work, hitting each desired room while construction ensues.

Cutting Those Cables

Another great option that reduces costs is to choose wireless options. Speakers that work over wifi are getting much better as technology progresses, to the point where enthusiasts find it difficult to tell the difference between wireless speakers and their tethered counterparts.

Even if you think it’s too costly to have complete home audio, take a minute to look at your options. Taking the time to find the best layout and connections can take an expensive sounding prospect and turn it into an audiophile’s dream come true!

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