What to Know About TV Installation?

Getting a new television is very exciting but one of the most important obstacles in your way of enjoying that television is installing it.  Mounting your television is far superior to putting it on a stand on a console of some sort. When mounted, it can be installed in the best location for optimal viewing. But there are more advantages to that – wires will be hidden and it is generally a safer place for your television to be. And, lets’s face it, it just looks polished and cool.

There are a few factors to be considered when choosing the ideal location for your television to be installed. First, you need to determine the most common places you will be sitting when viewing your television. You want to have your television an ideal distance from your furniture for the best picture and overall view. Where you will be sitting or how you will be viewing the television most often will also impact the height at which you install your television.

In addition to the convenience of having someone else do heavy lifting of installing the television, it is ideal to have a professional install your television because they will use the ideal wiring and professionally conceal it or run it in the walls for the best overall aesthetic appeal. And, the performance of your television is actually impacted by the the and quality of the wires you use to install it so professional quality wiring will actually enhance picture quality.

What are the common tv installation mistakes?

Modern tv installation techniques help to get better screen room with only minimal footprint. However, mounting a tv on the wall isn’t the easiest of task. When done incorrectly, people could lose out on their expensive, lightweight television.


The first thing people want to consider in tv installation is location. There are a lot of factors to consider such as viewing angle and sun exposure. Deterring these elements could provide the best movie watching experience. Moreover, they should also consider the connected devices and nearby power outlets. Beginning to mount a television without considering any of these factors could prove to be counter-intuitive.

Wall prep

Before mounting a television, people should know what they need. Essentially, they must prepare the wall to support the weight of a tv. Then, make sure that there is a drill, screwdriver bit, and stud finder. They will also need other supplies based on the location of an installation task.


Apropos of walls, regular drywalls cannot the support the weight of a device. Hence, people need to find studs for hanging the mounting mechanism without any problems. It is best to hire professionals for better results. They carry the right tools and prep the wall ideally to ensure proper hanging for a tv.


People can choose between different mounting methods based on their preference. Commonly, they have two options: stable and swivel mount. The former type is ideal when all the ports are located suitable. Swivel mounts are necessary when there is no enough room to access the ports. Through this method, there is no need to pull down the tv every time when they have to connect a HDMI or optical cable.


Once the tv is mounted to the wall, people should start to calibrate their other devices. It includes, media players, game consoles, smart home assistants, and remotes. Certified technicians will focus on such factors before they put a tv on the wall. This will help to avoid any expensive repairs.

Cable management

Wires running from or around the tv can be an eyesore. Cable management comes in handy when there is a need to conceal the cables for better aesthetics. proper arrangement of wires will also avoid confusions when reworks are required. Use tags and wall clips to properly secure cables around the wall.

Questions to answer

The most important question to answer is whether to choose professional installation or not. DIY may work for small televisions but it is always better to work with a certified technician for this process.

Next, people should make sure that they have all the tools necessary for this project. Some of the necessary supplies can be found in any nearby home improvement stores.

Accessibility is the most critical consideration in this process. Give enough room to reach ports before mounting televisions. Convenience is the key in this step. This will also avoid any potential hassles.

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