What is Video Distribution and Why You Should Have It

If you have ever been to a local electronics store and seen a wall of televisions all playing the same video at the same time you have seen video distribution in action.  That is not the magical work of some perfectly timed pushing of buttons to make everything seem in sync, one video source is being distributed to all of those televisions.  And, while video distribution is a great addition to many business settings, it is also very beneficial in residential applications.

Video distribution is not just useful for distributing one video source to multiple televisions, though it can certainly be used that way.  Rather, for businesses, retail spaces, or corporate offices it can be far more practical to have one location where all audio and video equipment is housed.  For example, in a large retail store it is not practical to have multiple televisions throughout the store playing different videos, music, etc. all with separate DVD players, audio players or sources, etc.  Rather, for a far more clean and professional look.  All audio and video components can be housed in one location, perhaps in an audio/video closet on a rack.  With video distribution you can tell each component where that video needs to go and it will play there.

In a residential setting, video distribution is an investment that can make life far easier and actually save you money in the long run.  For example, if your home is like many, you have more than one television.  If you have 5 televisions in different rooms there may be occasions where you want to watch your satellite, cable, or another television provider on your television so it must be plugged into the television you want to watch.  In that case, you would need to have a separate DVD player, satellite receiver, cable box, etc. on each television or you would have to move it around from television to television.  Neither option is particularly practical or cost effective.  Because it is unlikely that you will need to watch 5 different things on 5 different televisions at the same time you can save money and only invest in 1, 2 or even 3 video sources. With residential video distribution, you can determine which television will receive the video distribution so you can move around from room to room with ease, never missing a moment of your show.  Video distribution makes watching video easier and more efficient in both commercial and residential applications.

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