Video Distribution: Start a Movie in One Room and Finish It In Another

When it comes to home audio and video, today’s possibilities for customization and amenities are endless.  With professionally installed home audio and video, if you can dream it, it can be a reality in your home.  For instance, in the past if you put a movie in the DVD player and started a movie in one room you couldn’t just move to another room and pick up right where you left off and ultimately finish that movie in another room.  You would have to take the movie out of the DVD player, move to another room and (hopefully, if you have a DVD player in the other room), put the DVD in and find the place you left off.  Not exactly particularly convenient or efficient.  Today, with what is known as ‘video distribution’ you can literally start a movie in one room and finish it in another without missing a beat.

Multi-room video distribution allows the viewer to start a movie in the DVD player and finish it wherever they want, in any room, regardless of whether or not the other room even has a DVD player.  This is achieved by installing an assortment of audio components in one ‘hub’ or location in a home (perhaps an audio cabinet or closet that has a rack of audio components).  Those components include things like controllers, amplifiers and receivers, and other things like a DVD player or Apple TV.  In addition to simply installing these components, there may also need to be some wiring installed throughout the home (hidden, of course, for a seamless look).  A professional audio and video installation company will deter what components and wiring are necessary to achieve your ultimate video viewing goals.  And, once installed, you can deliver the kind of sound and video quality that you love to any room in the home.  There does not need to be multiple components in each room, you can finally consolidate all of the audio and video equipment into one clutter-free location.  Video distribution is highly reliable for superior performance and the ultimate in efficient and enjoyable video entertainment.  When you want the best technology available and the ability to watch anything in any room that you want, without compromising the aesthetic quality of the room with audio components and storage equipment, video distribution is the answer to all of your problems and will make watching a video in any room of your home a new and exciting reality.


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