Video Distribution is Changing the Way We Watch TV & Movies

In modern homes it’s not unusual to have a television in every bedroom as well as in communal spaces like the living or family rooms, or even the kitchen. With so many popular streaming services in addition to cable television we are spending more time than ever sitting down to watch our favorite films and shows. Unfortunately, when you start watching in one room and want to move to another it’s not always as convenient as you’d like. With video distribution that’s no longer the case.

Move From Here to There With No Interruption

The biggest advantage to using a video distribution system is the convenience of moving from one room to another without disruption. Your video disruption service will simply move what you were watching from the room you were in to the room you’re going to be. No more wasting time restarting your streaming app on the new TV, or being stuck to your couch until you finish watching the show stored on your DVR in the living room. If you want to go, just go, and your show will meet you there.

No More Unsightly Cable Boxes

One of the biggest disadvantages to a cable hookup is the unsightly wires running from a box which may not match the design aesthetic of your room. When you use digital video distribution you don’t need the box to be right underneath your TV meaning it is much easier to hide it out of sight. This frees you or your interior designer up to craft the perfect look without worrying about accommodating the look of your cable provider’s box of choice.

Video distribution systems are the home audio-video systems of the future. The freedom to design your room the way you want to design it, and watch your shows whenever and wherever you want to watch them will change your life. Contact a local audio-video professional to schedule a consultation today.

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