Transform Your Security with a Commercial Surveillance System

As a business owner, safety at your commercial property and place of business is paramount. There are only so many ways to keep an eye on the interior and exterior of your business, even if you have the resources for a massive security team, you can’t be everywhere all at once. Whether your commercial building needs a single camera surveillance system or a robust enterprise-level network security system, it can transform your business’s security and provide other benefits as well.

Designing a robust and effective surveillance system is not something that just anyone can do – it is best to have a professional design your system.  Professionals have the experience and knowledge to determine what your commercial building’s points of weakness are to ensure you have optimal camera coverage for your surveillance system. When it comes to the type of surveillance system you integrate, you have many options. You can choose cameras that continuously record and store footage, cameras that only record when motion is detected, and cameras that only record during pre-determined time periods. And, with all of these options, systems can alert you according to your settings if so desired so that you always know what is happening at any given time.

Modern security systems are sophisticated and easily integrated into the business automation systems you have in place. And, even if you do not have existing automation systems, you can easily access your cameras from an app on your smartphone, smart device, computer, or laptop, etc. So, whether you are in your building, at home, or across the globe, you can have peace of mind that your commercial building surveillance system is keeping an eye on things for you.

How to setup a commercial surveillance system?

Video surveillance is an essential setup for any commercial premise. It protects the business from theft, intrusion, burglary, and other problems. There are endless ways to setup a surveillance system. Individuals should evaluate the type of devices they need and storage requirements. Moreover, purchasing video surveillance systems involve knowing exactly how much to spend. Since security is imperative for many businesses. They could ensure profitable solutions for safeguarding their assets. Cameras also function like a computer due to the advent of modern functions and features. Moreover, technological development has made advanced systems available at an immensely affordable price range.

Factors to consider

First, businesses should consider the installation requirements for a surveillance system. Most cameras are easy to set up without any intense preparations or restorations. Companies with multiple premises need a complicated system capable of guarding every inch of their property. Hence, it is best to consider the installation requirements before making a choice.


Next, evaluate the price of each available option. Every business has a clear budget that they can spend on devices. Moreover, it is vital to find reasonably-priced products with all necessary features. For better advanced options. Make sure to spend a lot more from the budget.

Camera type

Primarily, there are two types of camera: internet protocol and analog. The latter one has been used for many years. IP cameras are modern devices with multiple features and functions. Businesses should compare the capabilities of different camera types to find the best fit for a setup.


Companies can choose from three different storage options. It includes NVR, DVR, and hybrid. Digital video records are conventionally used because they are reliable. Network video records are used with IP cameras because they can be connected to the same setup. Hybrid combines the features of both NVR and DVR cameras.


Video surveillance cameras come with a variety of features. For instance, modern devices have smart motion detection and night vision to adjust for different settings. Businesses should evaluate their needs and objectives to find the cameras that are ideal for their setup. Choosing a feature-packed camera makes for optimal protection.


It is important how much coverage that a premise needs to choose the best camera. Environment coverage gives a tactical advantage of businesses in protecting their commercial areas. Moreover, they have to choose between indoor and outdoor cameras to ensure consistent functionality.

Storage capacity

In addition to storage type, the capacity of storage is another vital factor for choosing surveillance systems. The setup should be able to handle high resolution videos with ease and allow for network sharing. There are many online stores that businesses could choose the different storage devices.

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