Transform Your Business with Commercial Lighting Automation

Commercial lighting automation is an easy and effective way to improve energy efficiency, productivity, security, employee efficiency, and safety for all.  Intuitive lighting control is user-friendly while providing state-of-the-art technology benefits that are easily scalable should your lighting needs change in the future. Commercial buildings, whether large or small, consume a lot of energy so improving energy efficiency is something just about every business can benefit from.

There are many different ways a commercial building can utilize lighting automation.  Whether you run an office, retail space, healthcare facility, restaurant, hotel, or any other type of business, there are unique ways to make lighting control easier and improve efficiency through automation of controls.  When a well-designed commercial lighting automatic system is installed, you will have the ability to control lighting in any area of your business at the touch of a button without ever having to go to that space.  From an app, you will be able to turn the lights on/off or dim them in any room.  Additionally, your controls can be programmed by the zones of your building so that you can adapt specific areas without impacting other areas of your space.

We have learned that humans are greatly impacted by artificial lighting and particular light colors so by having better control with lighting automation, you can use that knowledge to your advantage, and to the advantage of your employees. Commercial lighting automation enables you to create what are known as lighting ‘scenes’ that adjust to a specific brightness and/or color to set the appropriate one you want for the space. Task-specific lighting settings can also be programmed which has been shown to increase employee efficiency and safety.

How to choose commercial lights

Choosing the right commercial lights is essential to get the best value for both time and money. Read on to learn more right away.


Every workplace has different environments. Some may require maximum illumination, while others have ample natural light coming from the outsides. Dim lights can affect the efficiency and productivity of employees. It may even lead to accidents and injuries. For large facilities, it is essential to get lights that provide maximum brightness. Since these spaces will have high ceilings, recessed fixtures may prove ideal to get the desired results. More importantly, the brightness from these lights should not stain eyes, so fluorescent bulbs are the best choice.


Once proper brightness is decided, business owners should focus on finding the ideal color option. Since the task involves commercial lighting, it is essential to invest in lights with a neutral colors. Flashy hues may distract employees and lead to more mishaps. Neutral colors will enforce better work productivity and provide a sense of professionalism.

Research extensively

Even though recessed lights are the best option, there are other better choices as well. Most facilities have panels lights that are mounted in their ceilings. These fixtures create an even tone and improve visibility. Some may opt for a different solution that will reflect the nature of their workspace. For instance, hanging bulbs are becoming a trend in commercial lighting. They are available in a plethora of sizes and colors. Modern LEDs offer energy conservative features and powerful illumination that reduce dark spots or shadows. They also enrich the aesthetics of an environment.


The next step in commercial lighting involves measuring the dimensions of each room. It is better to get measurements before installing any lights and avoid any unwanted replacements. Even if one is having difficulties choosing fixtures, the dimensions will provide relevant options. Businesses owners will not end up wasting any money. Typically, one needs the height and width of each room and its ceiling. In some cases, a single space may have height differences when there is a desk room or other installations. Businesses owners can hire professional commercial lighting services to help them in this process. These professionals carry the right tools and materials required to measure the dimensions of a facility. Their assistance can have a huge impact on the final result. They can even recommend retailers who provide quality products at competitive rates. This is essential for companies working on a tight budget.


The last step involves creating a balance illumination. With measurements and research knowledge, business owners can choose fixtures that evenly distribute brightness across the facility. By doing so, they can ensure better work performance and commitment from their employees.

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