Tips For The Best Surround Sound Experience

So, you’re finally ready to make the ultimate upgrade in home entertainment. Before you sink into surround sound bliss, there are a few tips every surround sound system owner, both newbie and skilled, should consider first. Desert Valley Audio Professionals are here to put you in the know.

#1 The Biggest T.V. Means The Best Audio

This one always hurts in the wallet. Too often people come home with the biggest flat screen money can buy, and think their surround sound systems issues are solved. Although flat screens come with built-in speakers, the speakers are too underpowered and underdeveloped to handle a major receiver for optimum performance. Let’s face it, a slim and sleek design doesn’t leave much room for big speakers. At Desert Valley Audio Professionals, we’ve found even the smallest of surround sound systems can make a world of difference in peak audio performance. Yes, the 75-inch liquid flat screen looks cool, but expect to put in more effort to make a note-worthy audio impression.

#2 Cables, Wires And Splitting, Oh My!

Choosing the cables for your surround sound systems should never be based on price. Just because it’s the most expensive cable, doesn’t mean it will work for your receiver and setup. Your installation professional can help you decide which cables are best for your unique setup. That being said, the HDMI cable hype is well worth the time to look into for one simple reason: Its ability to carry both audio and visual components, which means less cable clutter!

#3 Placement, Placement, Placement…

It’s not enough to have equal sound extending from each speaker when it comes to surround sound systems. The positioning of your home speakers can be the difference between watching a western movie and feeling like you’re John Wayne chasing down a runaway train with the wind in your face and the pounding hoofs in your chest. Get the idea? Too often people spend all their time with technical aspects, and forget to consider where their speakers will actually go.

Navigating your way through surround sound systems is rarely simple, but it shouldn’t be a nightmare. Desert Valley Audio Professionals personalize each system setup to fit the needs of every client. Our promise is our delivery on audio and visual solutions that maximize entertainment and minimize frustration so you can spend less time with wires and more time enjoying the ultimate home entertainment experience.

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