The Differences Between Projectors and TV’s

As home entertainment products are becoming more affordable, many people begin looking into upgrading the way they watch movies, play video games, and watch their favorite shows. Each day, more people decide that it is time to move on from their bulky tube televisions to upgrade their viewing experience to superior screens which take up less room. While most people tend to choose the stunning LCD TV’s, other people decide to invest in high-quality projector and screen systems. Everyone has their own preference for how they view movies.

But what are the differences between projectors and TV’s?

The most obvious difference between a projector and a TV is the size of the image that is produced. The new, large LCD and plasma TV’s can cost a few thousand dollars, while a projector and screen system will produce a much larger image of similar quality for a smaller price than a TV. The new LCD TV’s produce an image through electrical signals which cue tiny liquid crystals to generate an image. Most projectors work through LCD technology, but some follow the process of a lamp shining light through a quickly moving color wheel, which passes through a polarizing filter to be shined through a lens and onto your viewing screen. TV’s tend to last longer than projectors, but the bulbs in a projector can be replaced inexpensively.

Many movie enthusiasts will say that a projector will provide a superior image which is rich in detail with vivid colors. As home entertainment has began to move towards the 3D technology, more people are buying the 3D TV’s. Projectors are also fully capable of producing 3D images of similar quality. The choice between a projector and a TV is yours alone. Look into the performance of several projects to help you choose the option which best suits your needs.

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