The Best in Home Automation: Control4 vs. Savant

Human activities are increasingly being affected by technology. Today, we rely on technology to make our everyday routines easier and more efficient. You can now turn your homes into tech hubs using smart digital technology, which is revolutionizing our living spaces.

There are several ways of integrating smart digital technology into your home.

Comprehensive home automation systems conveniently control various aspects of your home, including entertainment, security, thermostats, lighting, locks, and even blinds.

To put things into perspective, we’ll focus on two popular home automation systems. Control4 (C4) and Savant Home Automation are regularly mentioned in the same breath, and it is important to know how their features stack up against each other.

By comparing these two systems, you’ll have a better understanding of home automation systems and know which one would suit your property.

Features of Control4

Control4 is widely considered a market leader in the home automation sector. The all-inclusive smart operating system integrates all your home-based tech devices and centralizes the controls. You can also connect the system to your mobile devices, enabling you to remotely control your smart home components.

So, what exactly can you do with Control4?

Universal remote control

All the functions of the home automation system are operated from an easy-to-use remote controller. With a single click, you can turn on any feature with ease. The remote also has voice control for those who prefer voice activation commands.

Smart lighting control

Operate your home lighting system wirelessly from virtually anywhere. Control the lights in all rooms and even program them to turn on at specific times. The ‘mockupancy’ feature allows you to preset your lighting systems so that it seems like you’re home even when you’re away.


The Control4 system enables you to control your door locks and cameras remotely. Just sync all your mobile devices with the home automation system. This security feature gives you peace of mind since you can monitor your property from wherever you are.

Home entertainment

Use Conrol4 to have better control of your audiovisual components. The centralized control has unmatched features allowing you to effortlessly enjoy your home entertainment.


Control4 supports full video intercom services. Use a simple interface to control the wall or tabletop intercom panels, complete with high-resolution video capabilities. Control4’s integrated intercom system is superior to any other option due to the dedicated panels that offer more functionality than a synced smart device.

Features of Savant

Savant is a high-quality home automation technology that enables you to control your entire home technology system. What can you expect from this home tech system?

Centralized home lighting

Control all the lights in your home with a central control unit. Adjust the intensity of your lighting systems to create the right ambiance throughout.

Smart shades

Control your blinds and shades using programmable presets that can be controlled from miles away. Now there’s a way to improve your home’s privacy with smart technology.

Integrated entertainment

Savant allows you to merge all your modern entertainment gadgets and create an entertainment hub of sorts. Manage your audio and visual devices with a remote control and enjoy limitless entertainment for your family.

Home security

Savant home security solution gives you instant access to security cameras and outdoor lighting controls from your smartphone or tablet. You can also access a front porch webcam to monitor the vicinity even if you’re not at home.

Why do we prefer Control4 over Savant?

It’s clear that Control4 and Savant have similar features, but there’s a reason why Desert Valley Audio Video prefers Control4 for luxury homes.

Control4 is often more affordable than its peers but still offers a wider array of compatibility options when integrating third-party hardware. C4’s reliability is unmatched and simply does what it’s supposed to without any glitches.

Control4 has also mastered its streaming capabilities, and with great hardware support, you’re assured of top-notch functionality at no extra cost.

So here’s a brief rundown of Control4’s standout features.

Great Value

Previously, you needed a major budget to get the very best home automation unit. Today, you can get the very best installation at a reasonable cost.


There’s no other automation system that works better with third-party hardware. For instance, Control4 works seamlessly with shading and lighting systems such as Lutron. C4 also works smoothly with audiovisual equipment. It can select the best subsystem for optimum compatibility. Basically, its third-party integration is way above any similar system.


Most problems that affect home technology systems are network-based and cannot be blamed on hardware. Control4 considered this and have optimized their network to guarantee stability throughout. The company even went ahead to acquire the networking firm Pakedge which reliably supports the smart home ecosystem.


Control4 has mastered the skill of customization. While other home automation service providers stick to outdated user interfaces, C4 always finds ways to evolve.

It is like the Swiss army knife of home automation, considering that it is compatible with close to 15,000 hardware devices, including favorites like Sonos, Yale smart locks, and Nest.

Good Support

Even well-installed systems experience some faults now and then or require maintenance. Control4 uses its Pakedge cloud system to enable integrators to check for issues at any time. Most issues are spotted and rectified even before users can suffer any downtime.

C4 partners with Snap 24 to ensure that service calls are responded to in the shortest time possible by qualified staff.

CEPro approved

CEPro members have endorsed Control4 by overwhelmingly choosing it over any of its rivals. Over 60% of members prefer C4, with its closest completion being Savant, with just over 40% uptake.

Get your home automated

Smart home automation can transform your whole lifestyle and make your home more modern and efficient.

If you’d like to implement this new technology, let us do all the heavy lifting. Our team of industry professionals will ensure that your installation is completed in the shortest time and with minimal intrusion.

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