Take Control of Your Home Temperature With Zoning

There is a battle waging within the home, and that is for the temperature setting. But it is difficult to establish a suitable climate when a single unit is used to heat or cool the entire house. This is especially true for homes with two stories or a basement. The problem can be easily resolved with the simple installation of an HVAC zoning system.

Why Install A Zoning System?

Homes are built with zoned plumbing so that a faucet turned on in the kitchen does not turn on in a bathroom. Likewise, electricity within the home is zoned so that flipping a switch in one room does not turn on the lights in another. These are efficient systems that help conserve resources and money. Zoning HVAC systems offer similar benefits as they allow you to control the temperature in different parts, or “zones,” of your home.

How Does A Zoning System Work?

Typical zoning systems comprise of a thermostat, zone board and dampers. These components work together to give you more precise control of where and when to send hot or cool air throughout your home. This is how each functions:

  • A thermostat is a device used to regulate the temperature and airflow. Its settings are adjusted so that it activates the unit used to send air throughout the home. Multiple thermostats can be installed in specific areas of the home that you would like the temperature regulated.
  • The zone board is the control panel that thermostats and dampers are wired into. This is also connected to the HVAC unit.
  • Dampers are parts that are installed in the ducts, or air distribution system. When activated by the zone board (signaled by the thermostats), dampers open or close to allow airflow in the desired areas.

Zoning HVAC systems can be installed so that it works with your existing heating and cooling system. Avoid those hot and cold spots of your home and the tug-of-war for comfort. Contact one of our experienced technicians today to take control of your temperature and save money in the long run!

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