Summertime in Southern California is a delicate balance between open window airflow and crisp air conditioning. What if we told you it was possible to control the temperature in your home from one device, even when you’re not at home? If you’re intrigued, we should probably talk… ‘Technifying’ your home is within reach.

Our team of experts help you from initial planning to project completion. The earlier you bring us in, the better. We work with builders, designers, architects, etc. to ensure A/V needs in your home are brought to life.

Here are 4 things we can accomplish in your home that will not only help with functionality, but also make your Summer livin’ easy.

  1. AUTOMATION SYSTEMS: Most often when your family sits down to enjoy a movie, it takes at least three or four remotes to actually get the movie playing. Then after the movie finally begins, you have to get up and turn off or dim the lights. With Control4 home automation, you only need one remote to do all of that.
  2. SURROUND SOUND: Enhance the way you listen to your movies and your favorite Netflix shows with a professionally installed surround sound system. Easily turn music on in every room of your house, use your smartphone or tablet to pick your favorite playlist and adjust different volume levels in each room. There’s also a large variety of speakers available for outdoor entertainment areas.
  3. SHADES: Motorized window coverings can effectively capture the personal essence of any room in your home. They help take charge of natural lighting, changing bright light into pleasantly muted light or even darkening rooms or areas for a comfy afternoon naps or deep overnight snoozing. Motorized window shading and coverings also help to maintain privacy, highlight the beauty of your outdoor vistas, provide shelter from the sun’s heat and protect furniture and artwork from fading. With a gentle tap of your fingertip, you can use your touch screen tablet or smart phone to lower, raise, retract, slide and tilt the shades in any room of your home at any time of the day.
  4. Outdoor TVs: Outdoor televisions share the features that make them the right choice for outside use: brighter than indoor televisions, weatherproof (protection against snow, rain, insects, humidity), weatherproof cable connections, and valid warranty for outdoor use. Where you place your TV determines which model would be the best fit.
  5. HOME NETWORKING: Your Homes Network and WiFi system is the heart of all of your electronics and the reason you will enjoy a truly connected home. Let us help you diagnose and create a WiFi system that provides reliability and super fast speeds!

We want to make your tech dreams come to life. Call us – You won’t regret it! (949) 274-7449

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