Surveillance Systems Often Pay for Themselves, Even in the Smallest Homes

When people think of camera systems, they often picture large commercial enterprises or wealthy homes that need extra protection. The truth is, virtually any home will benefit from a modern surveillance system, despite the size or cost. Thanks to the wide availability of smart devices, all related electronics have dropped fantastically in price, making cameras not only affordable to most homeowners but also meaning they actually pay for themselves in short order. Here’s just a few ways they do that.

Crime Deterrence

The mere presence of a camera system is a massive deterrence. One study showed a 300% drop in burglaries between homes with a visible camera presence versus those without them. Indeed, many insurance companies will reduce your premiums by as much as 20% if you have a professionally installed home surveillance system. Ignoring every other benefit, these two together are usually considered enough to justify the cost.

Frivolous Lawsuits Are Becoming Very Common, and Camera Systems Protect Against Them

The famous slip-and-fall lawsuit is the go-to device for every lazy scammer out there. A sad and surprising amount of the costs of consumer goods from brick-and-mortar retailers is thanks to spiraling insurance costs, driven in no small part by lawsuits.

But residential homes aren’t immune! Liability lawsuits are increasingly hitting homeowners, since most have insurance, which is seen as “deep pockets” by those seeking easy money. Having video evidence that they are lying not only can help save on insurance premium rises but prevent a lawsuit from being filed. Plus, if the scammer files a police report and you have video evidence that they are lying, they can go to jail for their efforts!

Make Sure Your Home and Family Is Safe From Work or Almost Anywhere

With connected home surveillance, you can instantly access real-time video of your home. Check that your kids arrived home safely – and when they said they did – while at work or out with friends. You can also set up zone alerts, meaning you will get an alert on your phone if the system detects motion anywhere it’s not supposed to be.

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