Five Smart Home Technology Trends

Integrating technology into our homes has been going on for decades, but it’s kicked into high gear this year. At an all-time high, 81% of home buyers claim they would rather purchase a house with smart products already installed, so you’ll want to ensure your home is on the right side of history.


Thanks to connected smartphone devices you can stay connected to your home thermostat, door locks, smoke alarms, lights, and more. The smart home trend is only going to intensify, a fact made abundantly clear at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), which runs the Vegas show, forecasts sales of over 30 million smart home products in 2020. That figure is a 25 percent increase from 2019 estimates and represents a tipping point for the industry.


The team at Audio Concepts is poised and ready to handle all your Smart Home technology needs. Here are the top five trends we’re seeing:


72% of Americans with smart home devices want voice control capabilities. With home automation systems like Crestron and Control4, you can control and automate multiple home tech voice systems through one platform instead of having to worry about which voice system works with a specific device. Expect to see voice control embedded in more devices in the coming year.



Smart thermostats could save customers about 20% a year on home heating and cooling costs.

The app-enabled smart home devices make it possible to adjust the temperature of your home from your smartphone. Whether you’re on the couch, at the grocery store, or on vacation – you’re in control of your home from anywhere your smartphone is connected to a cellular or a Wi-Fi network.



This is an easy way to take control of your entire home from one central place. Available in 7″ and 10″ versions, the Control4 T3 Series In-Wall Touch Screens provide dedicated, responsive and elegant control of your home. Featuring gorgeous, low-profile designs with edge-to-edge glass and stunning, high-resolution graphics, these touch screens look amazing on any wall.



Lighting plays a critical role in creating an inspiring and beautiful room—not to mention, a safe and comfortable environment. LED lighting first opened new avenues for energy efficiency and allows homeowners to create warmer or cooler tones with one touch. Home systems like Control4 technology enables you to integrate your lights with music, shades, locks, climate control and video—so that with just one touch, you can turn all the lights on or off, set the scene for bedtime or a dinner party.



This upgrades your television experience at home. Imagine how amazing it would be to have six televisions synced together for a sports room or an in-home theater! Expect an increased focus on excellent design and ergonomics in technology. This may take the shape of clever ways to mount technology or even hide monitors, speakers, keypads, and cameras. You will see many stylish options for adding technology, while not sacrificing the design and decor of your home

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