Be Smart When Designing Your Smart Home

Home automation, smart homes, the internet of things, these are terms that consumers hear every day, and while most people have a vague understanding of what it all means, there’s still a lot of confusion. Simply put, home automation is the control of basic home functions such as lights, thermostat, security, and home entertainment using one or more computers and your home network.

Whether you are looking to incorporate every function throughout your home, or just dipping your toe in with one room or one functionality, there are a few things to look for in a home automation system.


Opt for Whole-House Automation vs. a Home Security System

Home security systems, as the name suggests, focus primarily on home security but offer upgrades which can control some functions in the home. Think of this as building a home, then adding on rooms as your needs change. You may end up with a home that suits your needs, but it’s not the most logical or cost-effective result. In contrast, a whole-house automation system is planned from the beginning to incorporate all functions within the home. Even if you don’t want full functionality on day one, the plan and structure are there for future growth.


Find a Company That Will Be Your Partner Throughout the Process

Successful home automation is not a DIY project. You need a company that will be with you from the initial planning process, through installation, and will follow up with excellent customer support and training. A company that offers the following services is more likely to be a true partner with you throughout the process:

  • Will help you with your planning by offering online idea galleries, videos and planners to help you narrow down your focus.
  • Works with a wide array of hardware, allowing you to integrate those brands with which you have developed a loyalty.
  • Has a large network of dealers that makes it easy for you to select a dealer with experience in your configuration close to your home.
  • Offers a modular product that allows you to start small and grow with ease.
  • Provides an interface that is intuitive and easy to use for multiple functions throughout your home.
  • Has excellent post-installation customer support, including extensive online manuals and videos to help you learn how to customize your product and use it with ease.


The bottom line on home automation is when you find a company that will act as your partner, the results are remarkable. You’ll have made your home safer, more efficient, and a lot more fun!

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