Should Luxury Home Builders and Remodelers Pre-Wire Ethernet?

Homes are getting smarter. There’s no doubt about the march of technological progress for residential tech. We’ve come a long way from record players and 10 inch televisions. Today, home entertainment can consist of televisions, computers, laptops, consoles, and much more beyond that. Smart home tech is encouraging homeowners to branch out with internet-enabled devices that have never seen the internet before. So as a home builder or remodeling team, it’s practical to ask yourself the question:

“Should I pre-wire my luxury homes for internet and technology?”

That’s a good question. Right now, the demand for home wiring has recently shot through the roof with the migration to home offices and work-from-home practices.

The Rise of Home Internet Demand

Professionals across the world discovered that they could do more with computers at home than they realized. Even not-so-technical families started wiring the house and looking into cable internet for faster residential internet services. Of course, the work from home boost has only accelerated an existing trend toward more high-tech and convenient homes.

Today, home buyers expect houses that receive fast internet and transmit signal through the walls. While you can only do so much with wifi, you can ensure that every room in the house has a high-speed wired connection for a local wifi repeater.

Will Buyers be Motivated by Pre-Wired Ethernet?

The most important question for builders is whether your home buyers will be motivated by the upgrade. If the question is whether buyers will appreciate and use integral ethernet, the answer is yes. Tech is rapidly increasing in importance for our every-day lives. This importance skyrocketed when many professionals transitioned to a home office. Between computers, laptops, smart televisions, and game consoles, high-speed internet is needed in every room of the house. These hard-line connections will allow families to stay connected without competing for wifi signal with just a few extra routers and switches.

Be sure to mention pre-wiring when showing the house or pre-selling units. Buyers can be strongly motivated by the idea of a powerfully internet-connected house, but only if they know what to be excited about. As this is a new feature, spotlight it for your buyers.

The Benefits of Ethernet Cables

Ethernet, or hard-wired internet, is faster than a wireless connection if good cable is used. That physical cable transmits electrons through the wires which are translated as internet (and network) signal in and out of each home device. When controlled with a single router and connected to a local internet service, the household cables can create a shared and securable network. Every cable that protrudes helpfully from the wall can provide internet to a single computer or to a switch that allows multiple devices to connect in each room.

Ethernet is more reliable than wifi and it also can’t be drowned out with competing wifi signals. That said, the ethernet connections can also be hooked to a wifi broadcaster, providing the house with room-to-room wifi coverage as well. In terms of versatility, running an ethernet cable through the walls of a house is one of the most value-adding (and low-cost) tech improvements a builder can make.

More Reliable Wifi Service Inside the House

Wifi signal competes based on the frequency and the network. Each network has a frequency and those frequencies can overlap. When they do overlap, signal gets weaker. This is why hotels and apartments tend to have wifi troubles, the networks are too close together. This can also happen when a family is trying to generate their own wifi networks from various hotspots and routers in the house.

At the same time, a unified household wifi network is usually only strong in the room with the wifi router. Pre-wired ethernet solves both problems. Wifi repeaters can be installed in any room to wirelessly extend the house network without creating competing frequency signals. This achieves the room-to-room wifi that no single broadcasting router or repeater could provide, and the most consistent solution for strong residential wifi.

Forward-Thinking Convenience

Luxury home building has always emphasized forward-thinking convenience. Luxury kitchens have slide-out cutting boards and pot-filler faucets to anticipate the needs of the cook. Luxury bedrooms often have bedside outlets strategically placed for sleeper convenience. Pre-wiring ethernet is staying true to the philosophies that have always guided luxury home tech: Anticipating the needs of the future homeowners.

With an ever-increasing emphasis on fast internet and diverse online activities at home, it’s only natural for homes to become more internet-ready. Pre-wired rooms makes it easy to extend the home network throughout the house with strong, fast signal for the online lifestyles of your future luxury buyers.

Pre-Wiring Beyond Ethernet

  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • USB C or HDMI Cable
  • Audio Cable

While you are building your pre-wiring channels and laying your wire bundles, consider what else can go in the bundle other than ethernet. Room-to-room cables are extremely valuable if you choose wisely. Consider running audio and video lines between a home’s public rooms or even into the bedrooms for a house-wide rockout/movie night. HDMI and USB-C are both popular media and data cables at present..

Fiber optic cable provides extremely high quality internet or video data and makes an excellent upgrade alternative for data pre-wiring the house or a specific room from the provider router.

Installing Pre-Wired Ethernet at a Low-Cost Investment

Finally, the best part about this upgrade is that it’s not expensive to install. Ethernet cable can be bought by the roll for less than lumber and the cable channels don’t need any special requirements.  The most complex aspect of the installation, if you already have the walls open, is your choice of aperture. There are a few choices in cable-dispenser cover and you may want to provide some retractable slack or leave basic routers attached that can extend the reach of your ethernet cables. These methods are approachable and will not significantly raise the cost of your build or renovation project.

Should Luxury Homes have Pre-Wired Ethernet Installed?

This is a yes. As we move to a more online and location-flexible future, homes with powerful internet infrastructure will grow in demand. Now is the perfect time to build your luxury homes with pre-wire installations so they are ready for demand as now work-at-home professionals and high-tech families seek properties.

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