Setting Up the Best Media Room

media roomEvery home deserves to have one room that is dedicated to pure entertainment. This is the one place you can go to unwind, have fun and escape the hum drum of the day. A flat panel and surround sound can cheer just about anyone up. If watching movies, television, playing video games, or listening to music is up your hobby alley, then a custom built media room needs to be somewhere on your list of fun to-dos. Alas, it is far easier to envision the final product than it is to put it together. Even the techiest of media gurus can run into design roadblocks. The key to crafting the ultimate entertainment space is to take it one step at a time, and to pinpoint your interests.

What are the most important features for you in a media room?
By making a list of priorities, you will have a clear idea of where the room is headed and add on as you go. Needless to say, there are a few things every space has to have to be deemed worthy, a few you probably already know about. Also, remember to take your time. Very few projects turn out well when rushed. For entertainment rooms especially, device placement is crucial. Surround sound “sounds” a lot better when the speakers are mounted in strategic areas, rather than being strewn about in haste.

How to Make a Killer Media Room


Stay calm and try not to be too envious (we know it’s hard). This is the perfect example of media room customization. So what better than to create a kitchen/entertainment space like this one? Friends and family can easily spend hours in this room. You don’t have to go all out like this, but the point to take away is that your entertainment space should first and foremost be tailored to you.

  • Mount a TV
    LED and 3-D are the newest developments in television technology, and are a must for watching crystal clear channels in high-def.
  • Hook up a game system
    If you want to save money on watching movies and want to make the space kid-friendly (grown-ups too) add in an Xbox or a PlayStation. Did you know the PS3 also doubles as a fully functional Blu-ray player? Now we’re talking!
  • Premium sound is everything
    This is where it can get a bit tricky. While a 7.1 system is the best of the best, most people will be satisfied with 5.1 (five speakers and the subwoofer). Be sure to test out different brands to find one with the ideal wattage and choose a receiver that is capable of handling the speaker output.
  • Track and adjustable lighting
    To make a multi-functional media room, installing lights that can be dimmed is a must. You are better able to set the mood of the space for any occasion.

What other items can you just not live without in your media room? Let us know in the comments below.

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