Set Up Your New TV the Right Way

When you’re purchasing a new TV, you need to put some thought and planning into how you set it up. Here are some helpful tips about proper installation.

Put Safety First

The most important part of installing your new tv is ensuring that it’s secure won’t cause injury. Many factors can increase the chances of an accident; if your home has children or pets, you may face an increased risk of your TV causing injury. Even without any type of physical disturbance, however, improper installation can create conditions in which an accident can occur at any time, potentially injuring you or your family. The best way to ensure safe installation is to have it performed by a professional service provider.

Choose the Right Height

Some people install their TV without consideration to the height; they will choose where to install it based only on what they think looks best or a room’s current setup rather than choosing the best height for viewing. However, installing your tv too high can create uncomfortable viewing because you have to be continuously looking up rather than resting your eyes comfortably. While a TV above a fireplace may look nice, it likely won’t offer most viewer’s the ideal viewing experience.

Ensure that You’re Using the Right Connections

Using the wrong inputs for your connections can diminish the quality of your TV’s picture. For most physical connections, you’ll need to use an HDMI input. If your television has 4K HD picture, you’ll need to use a HDMI connection that supports that resolution.

Create a Neat and Finished Look

If your TV isn’t installed correctly, you may create a mess of wires and cords. In addition to being aesthetically unappealing, lots of wires means lots of potential trip hazards. Also, if something accidentally becomes disconnected, it can be more difficult to locate the source of the problem if your connections aren’t neatly organized.

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