Seriously, Don’t Skimp on Tech

Nothing beats an incredible, emotional remodel story. Upon completion, homeowners are so excited to show off their home improvements or new style, but truth be told, tech enhancements are the showstopper for guests. Getting asked “what does this do?” or “how does this work?” is music to a homeowners ears.

We’re lucky to have been able to contribute to many successful remodel stories in Southern California. Our advice: Don’t skimp on your tech.

Here’s what you need to to include in your remodel plans to ‘wow’ your guests.

1. Mood Lighting 
This update does not require any additional wiring, making it one of the easiest transitions to smart home living. Replace your current light switches with “smart” in-wall switches and dimmers. Intelligent switches can allow you to set scenes for a “dinner party” or program path lighting from the bedroom to the bathroom.

2. Hands-free Shade Control
Natural light helps boost a space’s function and overall look. Automating your window coverings to control light flow during seasonal times of the year will maximize energy efficiency and in turn, save you money. Shades can be controlled with a simple touch, or our personal favorite is the wireless option, which can even be controlled from your phone. Combine automated shades with a smart thermostat to make the most impact.

3. Smart Security
Lock and key systems are officially old school. Keyless entries that include number pads or unlock from a simple touch on your phone are taking homes from average to luxurious. Many programs for keyless entry can be incorporated with cordless video cameras that will personalize alerts to your mobile device even when you’re not home.

4. High-Tech Music System
If you’re entertaining, your music system could be hurting the vibe. New sound systems have been built to last and can be customized for any area of your home, while being monitored from a universal device. Speakers can be bulky, so built in surround sound systems, may be a space saver for your home. Don’t forget to include outside areas in your plan.

5. Smart Home Automation System
When selecting all your new, fun gadgets, ensure you pick a secure system to sync with everything. From lighting to music, and TV to security, all of your smart home tech should be accessible from one or multiple devices. We recommend voice control options be strongly considered.

When you’re ready to start your ‘before and after’ story, give us a call. We are constantly learning about new tech trends that can make your home the best in the neighborhood.

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