Savant’s Unique Home Automation System Makes Customizing Your Home Easy

Home automation is becoming so common, new homes are often being built anticipating their installation. This is because the systems are proving that they typically pay for themselves in a surprisingly short period of time and make lives safer and easier, yet the price has dropped enough to justify their use for almost every family.

Choosing a system can be a bit bewildering, since there’s a lot of options. Ideally, you need one that has a very intuitive user interface and can integrate with the greatest number of devices without becoming a confusing and unusable mess. That’s why many experts are now recommending the Savant Home Automation system.

Good Home Automation Means Working With a Huge Range of Devices

Before choosing a system, find out how many devices it works with – and if it can connect with new types as they become available. Here’s a running list of items that are essential for making an efficient system:

  • Home theater and audio/visual.
  • Climate control and window shades to save money on heating and cooling.
  • Security systems, such as video doorbells and cameras.
  • Custom lighting.
  • Appliances and integration with smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.

As devices are added, the system must be flexible enough to work with them, as well as offering full customer support and automatic firmware upgrades to incorporate them easily. Savant does all this in the background, so you don’t even have to think about it. Set-up can literally take minutes with their simple interface.

Savant’s Control Via Smartphone Is Pure Genius

With Savant, you have the option of using a smart device or their universal remote (or both). The remote offers voice control, the top-rated user experience, and one easy platform for home control. However, many families today love the incredibly convenient use of a smart device, and Savant has the most elegant and sleek interface on the market. Their app gives full control for all connected devices, meaning almost anywhere on Earth you and you phone are, you are in total control of your home.

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