Residential Lighting Design

Your homes lighting helps you complete tasks, makes it easier to read, and sets the mood for entertaining –  as well as much more.  Many people do not realize how important their home’s lighting is and how much a difference well-designed residential lighting can make. There is more to lighting design than choosing light fixtures and installing them.  When well-designed, your lighting will elevate and enhance your home’s architecture and interior design, improve energy efficiency, improve your home’s safety, and be easy to use!

Today, we know much more about how lighting affects our circadian rhythm and influences everything from quality of sleep to mood and more. Lighting is experienced differently at different times during the day so it is important for your lighting to be adjustable and programming to be easy to use in your home automation system.

In addition to being adjustable at a moment’s notice, when integrated into your home automation there can be programmed lighting scenes that automatically adjust at certain times of day or for certain predetermined ‘scenarios’ where you desire specific lighting.  At the touch of a button, multiple actions can take place and be executed by your home automation.  For example, if you want certain interior and exterior lighting for a party, your home automation will adjust the lighting to your specifications while also turning your music on and disarming your security so you are ready for your guests.  Speak to an experienced residential lighting designer to learn how you can enhance your home’s lighting.

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