Regular & Wide Dynamic Range Cameras Differences

Security cameras can be very useful tools for home surveillance because they allow you to monitor the premises and record video footage as evidence of a crime. Unfortunately, the cameras that many house and business owners use tend to capture a limited image in certain conditions where the lighting drastically varies in the camera’s field of view. Wide dynamic range cameras are the perfect security cameras that offer a good view of any area with conflicting lighting conditions.

Benefit of Wide Dynamic Range Cameras

As we mentioned before, regular cameras are limited to focusing on a specific lighting condition. For example: A security camera is mounted in a shaded area with a bright background; the camera’s sensor will focus on monitoring either the bright area in the background or the darker area.

  • A wide dynamic range security camera is able to clearly show you both bright and dark areas at the same time by quickly combining two different frames of an area at different exposures in realtime.
  • By upgrading your surveillance system to work with wide dynamic range security cameras, you can benefit from being able to monitor both the interior and exterior of a building at the same time with a single camera.

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