Why Quality of Service is the Most Important Decision When Searching Out an Audio Video/Automation Company.

A message from Justin Worley, Owner of Desert Valley Audio Video

Over the last five years, the home electronics industry has gone through some major changes.  Mostly for the better, but with change and steps forward, there are always challenges to overcome.  10 years ago or so, our system designers and system engineers were focused primarily on overall quality of the system in terms of best possible picture and video distribution systems, and best sounding speakers and audio distribution throughout the home.  While these are still extremely important details when designing a system for your home, a new animal has taken over as the most important “system” to plan for.


If you haven’t seen the term IoT, then you may have been living under a rock over the last 5-10 years.   IoT, the “Internet of Things,” refers to billions of devices that are connected to the internet, and your home alone is likely to have hundreds of them.  While internet and network protocols are designed to be standardized, there are thousands of manufactures designing different “smart home” devices for your convenience, and all of these manufactures have different ideas about how you might want to interface with them – and even how they will interface together.


With all of these “connected” devices in your home out there, the first decisions we need to make when we start working with you in designing are:

  1. What electronics will bring value to you by integrating them into a smart home?
  2. How do you want to interact with these electronics? Voice control, App Control, or just have task automated from your actions?
  3. What level of customization do you want these system to have so that we can accommodate your lifestyle?
  4. How reliable do you want these systems to be? This is where great service and support become a necessity.

I’d like to give an example and expand on question two, diving into how I use my automated system at home personally.  I have an automated door lock that when I arrive (if it is after dark,) a pathway lights up to the Kitchen and Bedroom, and disarms my security just by unlocking the door.  When I am leaving, I use the same lock to turn off all lights, arm the security and turn all of the audio video systems off in the home when I use the away code…. and oh yeah, I also get a text message just to let me know everything armed ok.


In order for the above to happen, I have 55 light switches on a zigbee mesh network, and I have seven televisions, three audio amps/surround receivers, an integrated security system, door lock, and control processer.  Let’s say this is about 25+ devices for this particular scenario on the home network that are either Wi-Fi or hardwired, and I have a secured internet cloud connection that sends the text alert.  That’s close to 100 networked devices to manage just for the basic sequence listed above!


The point to this example, is that a professional to first help design systems that will be reliable is a requirement with today’s technologies.  But if you think that electronics can be installed and work reliably 100% of the time, than you may be in for a shocker once you start enjoying your system.  If you have ever had to reboot a modem, or a computer or a cable box; I’m sure you can understand that once you have hundreds of devices on your network, managing these devices and keeping them all working may be a chore.  And likely, one you probably don’t want to deal with!


The good news is that if a system is designed properly for your needs, and then managed properly, the benefits and possibilities of what we can do this day in age is endless.  Let’s have some fun with all of these exciting new gadgets on the market, and see what we can do to make your Smart Home personally customized to you and your family!

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