Outdoor Entertainment Experience

Outdoor Entertainment Experience

Summer months brings families outside to play in the pool, invite friends over to enjoy BBQ parties.  Why not add even more fun by including…

The Perfect Backyard Video and Music System

It can be as easy as wall mounting a TV & speaker bar on a swivel bracket.  Connect a cable or satellite box or add an Apple TV or Roku for internet connections.

Outdoor Theater

Imagine, a cooling evening laying in a lounge chair, having your favorite beverage and watching a movie, sports or TV shows on a huge screen.

Or for even more fun make it a

“Dive-in Theater”

There are portable projectors, screens and powered speakers that can be set up in just a few minutes for a temporary engagement. You can down load movies or shows onto my iPad.  It will connect to your projector with an HDMI or Apple lightning cable & powered speakers.

If you have good Wi-Fi you can connect a Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire Stick.


Permanent Dive-In Theater

To enjoy the outdoor living much more often, create a permanent theater. Mount a large Ultra HD TV or a projector & huge fixed screen in a protected area.  Connect your sources, amplifier & speaker system.


Backyard Theater Basics

An LCD TV can be viewed in a shaded area during the day about as easy as inside.  One of the best is SunBrite.  They’re very bright, weather resistant and take the elements better than a standard TV.

For the most fabulous experience look at adding a 90” to 150” projection screen.  Projection screens need the area to be dark for the best image. The projector creates light, color but not black.

What You’ll Need 

• A Projector

For outdoor home theater use, we recommend a small bright projector for a portable system. A new Ultra HD projector will create the best image possible.

• A Screen 

We recommend real projection screens that are quick and easy to setup (you don’t want to spend half the night installing a sheet) and that keeps the image tight and polished regardless of wind. A permanent mounted screen is much simpler and will be ready when you are.

• Audio

You might try the speaker on the projector.  For much better sound use a good powered stereo speaker & subwoofer kit.  The type that could connect to a computers output.

A permanent system has a connected audio system and great sounding landscape speakers, rock style or designer speakers with in-ground subwoofer for the best “theater” sound.

We have loads of ideas & products that will provide major events of fun for your family and friends.  Our prices are great and our service is excellent.

Call us to meet at you home.  There is no fee or obligation.

By Buzz Jensen

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