Now is the Time to Install an Outdoor Audio/Video System

Your outdoor space holds the endless potential to expand your home’s usable space year round and simultaneously add luxury and fun to your home life! Outdoor living spaces can function as an extension of your home and what better way to do that than with a professionally installed outdoor audio/video system. There are many audio and video products designed specifically to withstand outside elements, making them ideal for use outdoors.

Whether you want to entertain in your backyard, enjoy a relaxing weekend by the pool with your family, or watch the big game while you grill, there are endless ways to implement an audio/video system in any size backyard.  There are even televisions designed to be brighter than indoor televisions which reduces glare from the sun and makes watching TV outside easy even on a bright day! Speakers can blend into your landscape and architecture so that nothing detracts from the beauty of your yard while still providing outstanding sound quality.

When outdoor audio/video systems are professionally designed and installed, homeowners get to enjoy outstanding entertainment without compromising the aesthetic appeal of their homes.  Additionally, when done well, an outdoor audio/video system is an investment with good ROI because it will actually add value to your home. Speak to an experienced outdoor audio/video installer to learn how you can enhance your backyard and turn it into the resort-like oasis you have always dreams of having.

How to complete an outdoor audio, video system?

Installing an outdoor audio and video system involves distinct steps. Some of these steps may vary depending on the size of outdoor space and its environment. Therefore, it is essential to hire professional services to get the perfect setup for a specific space.

Patio space

The most common type of residential outdoor space will consist of the patio. The entire yard will be used for many purposes like entertaining guests or grilling during weekends. Therefore, the space is ideal for getting satisfying audio, video experience. Homeowners should choose wall-mountable speakers. These outdoor speakers systems are designed to withstand external elements like weather and water. There are also overhang speakers ideal for outdoor yards with intrusions and vegetations. Professionals will position the speakers correctly using acoustic evaluation tools. This preparation yields the best possible result by producing the right channel mix and stereo experience.

Swimming pools

 Patios with outdoor swimming pools can make the overall installation process quite complicated. In such cases, it is best to products that can deliver the best viewing and acoustic experience without any problems. Moreover, these spaces will require multiple speakers arranged in different positions. Since professionals are well-versed in this process, they can even integrate speakers in other rooms to create an individual zone system. It is also essential to install receivers and amplifiers to get the control freedom for each speaker. Connecting speakers to the amplifiers will also help to achieve the maximum sound output.

Stereo connections

Most outdoor audio and video systems will have stereo setups. That way, the same audio can be played in different zones. Even in outdoor spaces with large obstructions, these speaker systems will provide a better listening experience. Modern advances allow the users to control the volume and bass of each speaker via smartphone apps. It is essential to choose an amplifier that has ample power to enable all these speakers. Consult with professional services to find out the right amp power for an outdoor zone. If necessary, upgrade the amp that has delivers adequate output. Professionals will also have the right tools to wire all these systems.

Video factors

Even though video systems in a setup are less conventional, it can create a complete experience for persons. Covered outdoor space with proper ventilation can serve as a room for installing HDTVs. These televisions are either wall-mounted or installed in separate stands. Another quality equivalent of HDTVs is projectors. Projection systems make for an enriched viewing experience. For this setup, big screens are needed on a surface with less natural light. People can also install additional light fixtures to dim illumination in that area. These projectors are even available with Wi-Fi capabilities to stream online content.

Endless possibilities

There are a number of ways to install outdoor audio and video systems. The key lies in identifying the right components and getting assistance from professionals. Through these steps, a top-notch outdoor space can be created.

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