New Technology in Home Automation

Modern advancements in home automation have proven to improve the way people live in ways which were unimaginable several decades ago. As the home automation systems continue to improve, the idea of having a smart home becomes more appealing to families across the world. Making your home a smart home can change the way you live for the better by offering enhanced security, a convenient control system, and spectacular entertainment options.

Advancements in New Technology in Home Automation

Each component that home automation can be applied to can be conveniently controlled by a master computer, or even a smart phone.

Audio/Video Systems

Home theater systems have been perfected to offer superior entertainment experiences which can be controlled with a single remote. You can watch your favorite movie as if you were at a theater, listen to music throughout your home, or enjoy video games more than ever.

Home Security Systems

Advancements in home automation make home security stronger than ever. A single computer can record audio and video inside and outside of your home while allowing you to access a live stream anywhere you go. Sensor systems on doors and windows can be configured to alert emergency personnel at the first sign of a home invasion. Home automation also offers special alert devices and monitoring systems to help your family’s elders call for help with ease.

Temperature and Light Controls

Modern home automation allows you to set automatic times for your thermostat to change temperatures, and for your lights to turn on or off. You can conveniently control either system with your smart phone.

Upgrading your home to a smart home may be one of the best investments you ever make. Contact Desert Valley Audio/Video to find out how you can use the most recent advancements in home automation to turn your home into a smart home.

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