Look Like a Professional by Hiding Your Cables

You’ve got it all. The home theatre system. House-wide surround-sound. A motion-activated security system. Your home or office is a bastion of technological innovation, but after everything is said and done there are so many cables that you live in a den of snakes. Get rid of those unsightly cables by relying on professional installation services, and untangle the mess of your technology.
Go Pro With Professional Installation

With Desert Valley Audio Video, you can rely on us for a one-stop shop for all your installation and cabling needs. Our team of professionals will determine the best installation options for your home or office, and devise the optimal plan for minimizing exposed cabling. Get rid of that amateur look by trusting experts with years of experience in the home theatre and automation sector.
Safety First

Professional installation also ensures your safety. Avoid the risk of electrical fires and safety hazards from unattended cables by working with professionals to keep your cables hidden safely away. This also prevents possible damage from open air cable display, protecting them from exposure to elements, spilled food and drink, children, pets, or other possible damaging factors.
Multiple Types of Installation Services Available

Whether you need one-time installation or multiple services as you build out your home theater and audio system, we offer a wide range of installation and support services. We can handle everything from home theatre installation to surround sound installation, home automation, whole house audio, TV installation, cameras, and surveillance. We even offer customized audio video design and installation, tailored to your specific needs.
Custom Installation Services

If you don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know, and we’ll work with you to provide the services you need. We’re proud of our expertise and want to work with you to create the sleek, polished home technology setup you deserve. We possess a strong knowledgebase of technology from multiple partners, and can even help you source the tech you need to get the results you want. Whether you’re a fan of Sony or a hardcore Lutron devotee, we’ve got you covered.

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