Importance of Prewiring

Are you building a new home? Are you a builder who wants to gain an edge over the competition? Are you wondering what to prewire? And what about all the new wireless technology? Should you go wireless? Either way, you need to know what to prewire so you don’t miss anything important — and so you’re prepared for future technology needs.

Steve Jobs once said, “As good as cars are, we will always need trucks for heavy lifting.” The same is true when you build a home. There is electrical and technology heavy lifting to do and therefore prewiring is essential!

This provides a guide to the ten categories we recommend prewiring in new construction and remodels:

  1. Internet Network & Wireless Wifi

The Internet is one of the first things people think about when they consider pre-wiring, and for good reason. You need to make sure that you have adequate access from wherever you need it, and you don’t want router boxes sitting on your kitchen counter or nightstand. Thoughtful pre-wiring will provide a strong WiFi connection throughout the house and will keep everything looking good without clutter.

You may be tempted to go all wireless in your new home. Wireless certainly has its place, but it just isn’t as fast as wired connections. Therefore we recommend wiring for data outlets throughout your home for guaranteed reliability and security. If you anticipate using high-traffic applications such as video or streaming 4K or Ultra HD, you are better off with wired connections. Wiring your new house with Cat.5e or Cat.6 future-proofs your house for years to come.

  1. Video – TVs, Projectors & Video Distribution

So many things are controlled via Smart TVs these days, many people like to have TVs in several rooms. Ethernet cables and a coaxial cable at every location where you’ll want a TV will keep you reliably connected to your favorite shows, movies, and other content.

  1. Home Audio – Speaker Systems and Voice Automation

Multi-room audio allows you to enjoy music and other audio content all over the house. You can pre-wire as many rooms as you like. You can pre-wire for surround sound, individual speakers, and for home cinemas.

  1. Surround Sound – Primary & Secondary Surround Sounds

For the different areas in your home, we will go through the options for in-wall, in-ceiling, or floor standing speakers and subwoofers. Even if you aren’t installing a whole-house audio system initially, you should plan for it in the future and wire every room for in-ceiling or in-wall speakers. At some point in the future, you may want to add whole-house audio to your home.

  1. Service Providers – Cable, Satellite, Internet & Phone

Yes, some people still want to have a landline. Landlines offer faster 911 response, often provide better voice quality, and aren’t susceptible to carrier outages. You may want to consider wiring for telephone jacks.

  1. Home Security System & Surveillance Cameras

You can pre-wire entire security systems or, if you’re going wireless, just the keypads. (It’s nice to have access to a keypad with wireless systems, rather than needing to hunt for your smartphone. You can enhance your security even more with video surveillance. As with your security system, you can either pre-wire the entire system or go wireless and pre-wire the power supply.

  1. Accessories

Don’t forget about the small items such as fireplace switches or ipad/iphone charging stations. Do you have an electric vehicle that needs special wiring? Or an in-home sauna? Maybe a network hotspot? Air conditioning? We’ll make sure to ask the right questions about your lifestyle needs to make sure each electrical and technological need is met

  1. Motorized Shades

These add to the security, privacy, and energy efficiency of your home. Also, when motorized window treatments are integrated with a smart lighting or automation system, the drapes and/or shades can move in concert with other systems like lighting, music and HVAC

  1. Low Voltage Lighting

This is needed both inside the home and outside with the landscaping. Have you considered circadian lighting to support optimum human health? Do you like the Lutron lighting control system for their wide selection of energy saving dimmers and lighting control solutions? We can help you make selections early to ensure everything works seamlessly together.

  1. Central Control Panel – Rack System

Rather than having routers and other controllers sitting around, it’s nice to have everything easily accessible from a structured wiring panel. We can even install more than one panel for even greater convenience in larger homes.

If you’re ever in doubt, install an extra conduit anywhere you think you’ll need any type of wiring in the future. Installing conduit will save you both time and mess in the long run. Conduit prevents the need to tear out drywall for installing new types of cables that may be necessary for future technology. Using conduit allows you to run different cables at a later point in time.

We hope this advice helps you wire right for today, and keeps you prepared for the future. Give us a call for new construction or remodels. We partner with architects, builders, home-owners, and designers to make sure everything is wired for success!

If you’d like to chat with us about the process, please email us at We’re happy to talk with you about your needs.

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