How to Tech Out Your Home

During these challenging times, much is out of our control. For homeowners specifically, the tech level of your home and for most, new home office, is something you can control. If you haven’t had the chance to upgrade your home to include smart capabilities that are energy efficient and money saving, now is the perfect time to do so.

Here are a few ways you can make your home more tech-savvy:

1. Smart Light Switches.

First thing on your home update list is to change outdated light switches for smart light switches. This adjustment ensures your home lighting is ready for the future. Smart Light switches further allow you to set the mood of any room in your home through any device connected to WiFi, such as Siri on your iPhone.

2. Smart Thermostat.

Control your air conditioning or heating even when you are not home from an app on your phone. Smart Thermostats save energy and in turn, save you money. This may not be handy currently as we all stay home together, but show promise as our lifestyles change once again in the coming months.

3. Smart Locks.

Keyless locks make you feel more secure in your home. Smart locks are an easy way to upgrade your home and can be installed in just a few hours. Lock and unlock functions are available through an app, some of which even allow you to send temporary ‘keys’ to your visitors.

4. TV Experience.

Upgrade your TV and combine it with a wireless surround sound system for the ultimate home viewing experience. Get a transparent TV that literally fades into its background or hook up a projector for the ultimate home cinema.

5. Voice Control Devices.

Smart speakers can control many gadgets in your home with a simple voice request. Control your lights, close the blinds, or lock the front door from any smart speaker in your home.

Our team is taking extra safety precautions during COVID-19. Our technicians are abiding by CDC guidelines and wearing protective masks, disinfecting tools, trucks, and washing hands regularly. We are here to keep you safe and connected!

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