How Control4 Home Automation Lets You Take Full Control of Your Home

An unfortunate byproduct of rapid advances in modern entertainment systems has been the gradually increasing division of visual, audio, environment and cable elements. Most families must now understand a dizzying array of remotes and dials that might previously have required a technical degree to operate. Thankfully, Control4 home automation can simplify your home entertainment world so that you can enjoy whatever form of media suits your fancy without raising your blood pressure.

1. Giving You Comprehensive Control

Home automation isn’t just for entertainment. How many times have you been 30 minutes from home and wondered whether you locked up the house when you left? By customizing home automation features, you can make your security, energy or home environment worries a thing of the past. With Control4 automation, any connected devices in your home can be accessed and controlled remotely.

2. Letting You Operate Your Home Theater Inputs Remotely

By customizing your home’s entertainment inputs, you can control your TV, projector, blu-ray, receiver and media player using a single remote. Switching between media with Control4 is more seamless than ever before. If you need to add an additional entertainment device, simply set it as a new input.

3. Changing Your Environment Without Having to Get Up

Nothing is more interrupting to the flow of a movie or show than having to pause devices and fiddle with lighting or air conditioning until everything is perfect. When accommodating guests or simply living in your home, lighting and temperature control can be the difference between a thoroughly uncomfortable experience and an enjoyable one. Control4 automation allows users to adjust almost any light source from any location with internet access.

Given the sheer volume of technological feats available to the modern public, it is past time for home automation to reach the mainstream. Now, safety, efficiency and entertainment can be handled from a single device. Find a Control4 authorized dealer to take advantage of automation today.

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