How a Whole Home Audio System Can Change the way You Listen to Music

Fortunately for your ears, the way people listen to music is constantly evolving. In the first half of the 19th century, people had scratchy phonograph needles emitting sound from an attached speaker that looked more like a conch. During the second half, boom boxes came onto the market, as did big stereos and big speakers. As the decades have moved on, like computer processors, speakers have gotten smaller. This has allowed a new idea to flourish–the concept of a whole home audio system.

A whole home audio system is just one component of home automation, and it allows audio to play throughout every room in your home–even the outdoors if that’s your desire. The speakers for your system are mounted flush with the ceiling so they are hardly noticeable, unless you’re looking for them.

The source for your audio is based on your preference. If you’re old school, you may have a CD changer connected to your system, but if you’re tech savvy, you will opt to have it connected to a smart device equipped with a streaming music service.

If you connect your system to a smart device, a whole home audio system will definitely change how you listen to music. Imagine doing dishes and commanding your smart device to kick on some random jazzy beat or country swing. Your duty as the nightly dishwasher just transformed into a rhythmic performance in which the dishes become your dance partners.

If your house is large and you have several family members residing under your roof, you may opt to have a multi-source audio system. With this system, different music from different sources can be played in each room. But if you’re the boss of your domain and you enjoy entertaining, a single source system will do just fine.

However you choose to manage your whole house audio system, life will never be the same. Cue Otis Redding’s “Change is Gonna Come.”

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