Home Security Monitoring

You install a home security system because you want to keep your home safe.  But, installing it is just the beginning of enhancing home safety.  Without the addition of security monitoring, you are missing an essential component.  While it is good to know an alarm will go off and make noise if an intrusion happens, what happens if you are not home to hear the alarm? Or you are a heavy sleeper and don’t hear the alarm sounding?  It may leave enough time for a burglary, or worse, to happen. That is exactly where home security monitoring comes in

Home security monitoring protects you in the event the you are not home or do not hear the alarm sounding.  Your home security system will be continually monitored from a central location and, if an alarm is triggered, you will be contacted immediately.  If you are contacted and it was a false alarm then everything can go back to normal and you can re-arm your security system.  If, however, you do not answer and the monitoring company cannot contact you, they will immediately alert local authorities to dispatch someone to your home immediately.  This is an important safety precaution because it provides you with the peace of mind that your home is always protected, whether you are home or away, 24/7.

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