Home Remodeling Means Better Audio/Video

When you’re neck deep in home remodeling, it might not seem like the time to add audio and video changes to the mix. However, it’s actually the perfect way to make substantial upgrades to your home theater setup without too much extra work. Here are a couple of ways that home remodeling lets you really improve how you interact with entertainment.

Open Walls, Open Season

Tearing down a room divider to clear space or removing sheetrock to work within the wall are great chances to make adjustments to home theater setups. One of the biggest obstacles facing surround sound systems is wiring speakers that are far from the source. While wireless speakers are always an option, finding outlets nearby can still be an issue.

Having a clear path to run speaker wire and electrical cabling makes it much easier to get the perfect placement for every speaker. Since these modifications can take place concurrent with other remodeling projects, scheduling these upgrades will be a quick job.

Smart Homes

The concept of the “smart home” is on the rise. With the ability to control many appliances, lights and temperature from your phone means having bedrooms and living rooms lit while away or preheating the oven on the trip home from work. You can easily take advantage of a kitchen or bath remodel to add some smarter aspects to those areas as well. Some modifications can include:

  • Television in the kitchen to cook along with your favorite show
  • Speakers in the dining room to set the mood for guests
  • Electronic nooks that keep wifi and other audio/visual cables out of sight
  • Video in the bedroom for when you’re too sick to leave the bed
  • Exterior audio equipment for backyard barbecues

Audio and visual cables are relatively simple to wire, so it’s easy to take advantage of the freedom ongoing construction provides. A home remodel lets you create not only a space for entertainment, but an entire home that’s built for a true audio and visual experience!

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