Home Automation Systems with Androids and iPhones

The debate between Android and iPhone operating systems has been a common topic of discussion among smartphone enthusiasts since they were first released several years ago. While we aren’t going to feed the fire between users of varying devices, we can happily assure you that both systems offer great options for home automation.

Differences Between Android and iPhone? Which is Better?

Serious fans of either system will hold allegiance to their chosen phone. We don’t suggest that anyone try to decide between an iPhone or Android based on an article from the internet. While there are several differences between the systems, it really comes down to what YOU enjoy about a smartphone. Apart from that, the Android system offers more opportunity for application developers, while Apple is strict about any digital product that enters their market.

Usefulness for Home Automation Systems

Both Android and iPhone operating systems offer great solutions for home automation. There are hundreds of apps that cover simple things such as lighting or air conditioning control, and other applications allow you to control every aspect of your home while offering realtime access to video surveillance footage or other important security information.

Ask one of our skilled technicians about which iPhone or Android applications would best suit your home automation system.


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