HDMI Explained

With the rapid growth and affordability of technology, many people are switching their home theater and gaming systems to ones that can produce high definition. One of the most common necessities for these systems to work at their fullest capacities is an HDMI cable.

What is HDMI?

HDMI basically means High-Definition Multimedia Interface. Devices such as televisions, blue-ray players, computers, or gaming systems often use this term to refer to the capability of said device to harness and utilize high-definition multimedia.

How HDMI Works

The cable works by being a very efficient cable that can transfer large amounts of uncompressed data to your device. Typically these cables have multiple channels installed in them that are dedicated to particular aspects of high-definition media such as audio or video. You may recall or have standard definition cables in your home. While these cables work fine they are not suitable for maximizing audio quality, video quality, internet connection speed, or any other function performed by HDMI cables.

Types of HDMI

There are a number of types of HDMI cables that tend to have particular focuses on the attributes contained within the cable. For example, some HDMI cables are tailored for internet access (HDMI with Ethernet) and function best when utilized for that purpose. Other cables are tailored for cars (onboard interface devices) while others may be for audio (stereos, surround sound systems etc). In any instance, utilizing the high-definition capabilities of a device are met by using an HDMI cable.

Currently many devices are compatible with standard definition cables and attachments, but as technology progresses and prices go down this may not be the case in the future. Remember a device that is intended for HDMI may not necessarily say “HDMI” but something similar to “high definition”. If you purchase an HD or HDMI product it is wise to invest in an HDMI cable as this tends to be the only cable needed for basic high definition functions (saving space) and most current HDMI cables on the market are inexpensive.

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