Good Sound vs. Sound Bar… or Both?

There has been a buzz around sound bars over the last year or so. Many people have elected to install the simplest sound bar options out there in order to improve the awful sound the new super thins televisions offer. But the sound quality is often only slightly better. Of course, it’s an easy install and usually inexpensive, which is often more appealing than a surround system consisting of big speaker boxes that have to be wired and become an eyesore in your family room.

At Desert Valley Audio Video, for years we have been recommending a different option that offers a visually pleasing look, but still provides a high quality listening experience.  Through our vendors, such as Artison and Leon, we can have speaker bars custom fit to your television and built with high quality speaker components that will provide the look and sound you would expect to get from your home theater setup. And the best part is these systems are matched with a surround receiver, so you still get the benefits of equalizing a room acoustically plus real power behind the speaker.

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