How to Get the Most from Your Wi-Fi Network with More Devices Requiring Internet Connection

In the modern era in which we live everyone in the family probably has at least 1 or 2 electronic devices (Computer, Kindle, iPad, iPod, phone, etc.) that need a Wi-Fi connection.  That is not to mention things like home audio/video components, an Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick or any other devices.  All of those devices are vying for the finite amount of Wi-Fi resources available.  What many people find is that, because of this, connection speed is frustratingly slow.  Additionally, if you have your wireless router in your home office and there are ten walls and multiple rooms in between your router and the furthest needed connection point the signal will certainly be weak because of traveling such a far distance through barriers.  Fortunately, a professional audio/video company that stays on top of the latest advancements in technology can assist you in maximizing your Wi-Fi network for improved connection and speed.

There are many different ways to enhance your Wi-Fi network and increase internet connection capability/speed.  First, if you have many people and devices vying for Wi-Fi network resources your home may benefit from hard-wired wireless access points.  MakeUsOf explains how adding wireless access points is an easy and effective way to boost your Wi-Fi network at home, “An access point, on the other hand, allows for wireless connection from multiple devices to a central “hub”, which is usually a wireless router. To keep things simple: a wireless router is simply a wired router with an access point allowing for wireless coverage. The router itself takes incoming data and routes it to one of its ports. The wireless access point allows you to access this port without plugging in.”

Additionally, it is beneficial for many homes to install a Wi-Fi extender, also known as a Wi-Fi repeater.  It does exactly what it says and extends the coverage area of your Wi-Fi network to areas that might normally be “Wi-Fi dead spots” in your home.  A Wi-Fi extender amplifies and transmits a boosted Wi-Fi signal to further areas of your home for improved Wi-Fi network coverage.  When there are many electronic devices in close proximity a home will inevitably experience Wi-Fi interference, difficulties establishing a connection, or decreased internet speed.  An experienced audio/video installer will be able to test your home’s Wi-Fi network, determine the best location for routers and Wi-Fi extenders and help you enhance your home’s WiFi network for an optimal Wi-Fi experience.

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