Get Smart With Mobile and Remote Home Control

You’ve seen them on television – the swanky home remote systems that let people control their televisions, security systems, home audio, and more from their phone or tablet. You immediately thought “Wow! I’d really like that,” but it seemed like a thing of the future or something entirely out of your budget.

Luckily for you, there’s good news. You can implement mobile and remote home control systems within your budget, and manage your home from wherever you can find a mobile or internet connection.

The Control4 Remote

All it takes is one centralized home system to ease your worries. The Control4 system lets you unite everything from home heating and cooling to audio, lighting, and television under a single umbrella. Log in from anywhere to control your thermostat. Shut off the lights without having to get up from your comfortable position in bed or on the couch. Manage all of your audio and video playback devices from a single control center.

You can use Control4 as an independent device, or install the app on your computer, tablet, or phone. Configuration, automation, and setup is as simple as the push of a button.

Home Security at Your Fingertips

While at Desert Valley Audio Video we offer a wide range of security camera installation options, with digital video surveillance your options open up into a world of possibilities. Access video surveillance footage from anywhere in your home, tabbing through views on your mobile device. Worried about your house while you’re away? Log in remotely to check everything out from multiple angles and make sure you’re in the clear.

Remote home security management and surveillance gives you peace of mind no matter where you are. You no longer have to wait for security companies to inform you if there’s an incident while you’re away. Get real-time alerts, and check in instantly to manage your home and investigate just what’s going on.

Don’t Miss Out on Your Free In-Home Consultation

Before you get started with home automation, let us provide you with a free consultation to determine the best solutions and options for you. We’ll discuss your technology and integration needs, recommend products and services, and create a custom-designed home automation plan tailored specifically for you.

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