Get Lightning Fast Wireless Speeds with a Custom Wi-Fi System!

You may not realize how much you depend on a reliable Wi-Fi signal until you start noticing problems. The video may be interrupted in the movie your family is streaming. You might see a long delay downloading files from email. And if you rely on your internet for home automation, you may really be in trouble if you have a wireless internet issue!

Lots of variables affect internet speed and strength, and every home is different. Fortunately, you can get lightning fast wireless speeds with a custom Wi-Fi system!

What a custom Wi-Fi system can do for you

A trained and certified Wi-Fi system designer has the skills, knowledge, and specialized tools to identify common issues that slow down wireless networks. In addition, they’ll be up to date on the latest wireless innovations from streaming video and gaming devices, to video conferencing, security systems with mobile video monitoring, and home automation that can run your thermostat and lighting. Even smart appliances!

Eliminate dead spots in your home

One of the most common complaints people have about their home Wi-Fi systems is “dead spots” where no connection is available, or the connection is weak. Expert technicians and designers can evaluate your equipment and can recommend boosters and relays to maximize signal in every inch of your home!

Prevent conflicts between channels

Another common wireless problem that may not be as obvious is channel conflict or overload. A wireless router uses channels to send and receive signal, but if interference overloads it, it can decrease your wireless range, make speeds slow or inconsistent, or cause your connection to come and go.

A technician can evaluate what is crossing your channels. Sometimes interference comes from your devices, sometimes it comes from conflicting signals at neighbors’ homes. A trained technician knows how to calibrate the router and devices to mitigate this.

Getting the most out of your system

A worry-free, reliable wireless system doesn’t have to be a dream when you hire a system designer. Get lightning fast wireless speeds with a custom Wi-Fi system by booking a technician to evaluate your home today!

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