Your Flat Screen TV Is Made To Be Mounted on the Wall

The TV has long served as a lure, drawing your family to gather around it. But happily, the old, clunky TVs of the past have been replaced by sleek, thin works of art. The generation of home decorators who worked valiantly to hide the TV has now given way to the those dedicated to making the TV the focal point of the room. There are several good reasons why professionals in TV installation suggest you put your TV where it was designed to be:  mounted on the wall.


The Look

Flat screen TVs were made to be mounted on the wall. They’re designed that way. They look like a picture in a frame and pictures are meant to be hung. In fact, the easy ability to display a slide show of your favorite pictures makes your TV a literal picture frame. Hanging a sleek TV on the wall can create a focal point in the room and help create a clean, modern look. Opting to have the wires concealed further enhances the look.


The Space

TV installation is no longer the nightmare it used to be. Mounting your TV will free up space in your room. You can do without the bulky TV stand that attracts clutter. You’ll have more freedom to move around the room, and have one less thing to dust!


The Safety

If you have children or large pets, you know the constant worry about have the TV knocked over. A 60-inch flat screen LED TV can weigh as much as one hundred pounds, making it a danger if it’s pulled over. In fact, a falling TV injures a child every half hour. A large dog knocking a TV stand can not only potentially hurt the animal, but cause major damage to the TV and surrounding furnishings.


The Flexibility

Professional TV installation allows you to place the TV at the optimal height and distance based on the size of the room and how you normally view the TV. You can also opt for an adjustable mount, giving you the freedom to vary the angle of the TV to maximize the view if you have a crowd, and minimize the glare if conditions require.


The Bottom Line

Your TV is a major investment, requiring time and effort to research the right model for your needs. After that investment of time and money, planning your TV installation to show it off in its best location and taking advantage of viewing it as it was meant to be viewed just makes sense.

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