Essential Conference Room Automation Technologies

The modern workplace is a blend of in-person employees and remote employees. Most businesses in today’s world have frequent video conferences and teleconferences with co-workers and customers so having technology that makes blending the in-person with the digital easier is essential. Conference room automation is one of the best ways to improve your office’s efficiency and facilitate collaborative and productive meetings.

Essential Conference Room Automation Technologies

User-Friendly Universal Controls

We’ve all been in a meeting where someone struggled to successfully connect their technology to the presentation display system. The technology in conference room automation should be able to connect to a wide variety of devices, wirelessly and/or wired. Controls should be simple and streamline multiple actions into one sequence that is activated at the tap of a single button for improved efficiency.

Lighting & Window Shade Controls

Energy-efficient smart lighting controls can be integrated into conference room automation controls. Lighting and window shade controls can be programmed into sequences so that, for example, at the press of a button, the presentation display monitor turns on, the lights dim, and the shades draw so that you can seamlessly begin your presentation.

Room Scheduling

With so many meetings taking place virtually these days, it is no wonder that everyone is clamoring for conference room availability. Make conference room scheduling straightforward, easy to use, and streamlined with an easy-to-use room scheduling system that can be automated with other conference room technology.

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