Easy Tips for Boosting Your Wi-Fi Signal in Your Home

We’ve all experienced the sheer frustration when we’re deep into a binge-watching session of our favorite TV show and the buffering begins on our screen.  Whether it be a slow or lost connection, the struggle is real.  But there are a few tips on how to improve your Wi-Fi signal and avoid this situation.

1. Place your router in a central location

For aesthetic purposes (and to keep them out of the way), many people will hide their routers in a cabinet or closet where they can’t be seen.  However, because doors and walls can absorb signal strength, this is a sure way to a slow Wi-Fi connection.  Instead place your router in a central location, preferably up higher on a shelf or table.  This allows for the signal to evenly distribute throughout your home.

2. Reset your router regularly

The first thing tech support will instruct you to do when you call your Internet provider is to reset or reboot your router or modem.  Therefore, regularly performing this process will help to head off majority of your Wi-Fi related issues.  You can even purchase an outlet timer and set it to reset your router daily at an off-peak time.

3. Update your firmware regularly

Especially if you have an older router, running firmware updates will ensure your router’s software is running efficiently and effectively.  Also, keep in mind that it’s best to replace your router every seven to eight years.

4. Stagger heavy bandwidth usage

Online video games, downloading movies and music from iTunes and watching Netflix all require heavy bandwidth and if multiple people in your house are doing this at the same time it will slow down your entire network.  To ensure your home network is running fast, try to stagger heavy internet use.

5. Make sure your network is password protected

Wi-fi speeds are somewhat dependent upon how many people are using it at one time.  Therefore, password-protecting your network will ensure that only authorized people are using it.  Routers have built in security so take advantage of that and select a password that combines letters, numbers and symbols.

6. Boost your Wi-fi signal

Most routers only have a range of 150 feet so if you live in a larger house, any devices and computers that are located far away from the router may have a hard time connecting to your Wi-Fi network.  An easy fix is to use a Wi-Fi repeater which will boost the signal in those rooms.  The device plugs into any wall outlet and will increase the signal’s range and strength to the farthest areas in your home.

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