Designing the Perfect At-Home Media Room

If you’re looking into designing a media room in your home, that probably means you are ready to go all-out. Why not do it properly, if you’re going to do it at all? There are certain areas you’ll want to focus on to make this room absolutely perfect for consuming media and having fun.


The first thing you’ll want to look into is the actual media you want to have in your space. One large screen, multiple screens or a projector? What kind of hook-ups will you need for various consoles and devices? Be sure to pick out the highest quality and most reliable brands. Don’t skimp on your audio, that may be the most important part. Hire a professional to sound-proof the room and improve the acoustics, then set-up spectacular surround sound.


This is a room for relaxing, so home automation only makes sense. You could control everything from the lighting to the climate from the palm of your hand, while comfortably seated. Even your screen and audio can be controlled with the sound of your voice. Imagine blackout curtains descending over windows with a remote control, or seats adjusting automatically. These touches will make your media room truly special.


You and your guests will want to be as comfortable as possible while enjoying movies, games and music. That means seating and atmosphere should be a primary concern. Large, adjustable seating with convenient holders for cups, snacks and remotes would be ideal- they should be situated to give optimum views of screens, of course. Dark walls, ceilings, floors and curtains make for an immersive viewing experience. A popcorn maker, wet-bar or mini-fridge could add a charming, movie-theater feel, as well.

A media room can be a special place for you and your family, especially in this day and age of media technology. You may think all you need is a huge screen, but don’t neglect all the other details that can enhance your viewing pleasure. Consulting with a professional may be a good option if you’re unsure where to start.

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