How to Choose Security Lighting Control Systems

lighting-headerWhen someone thinks of security systems, they often imagine the traditional alarm and video surveillance systems which are common among home and business owners. We have already provided some information about how indoor and outdoor lighting can be beneficial for security purposes, but many of the simple setups consume too much energy and can irritate neighbors. Today we are going to share some information about how to choose energy-efficient lighting control systems to suit your specific security needs.

What are Security Lighting Control Systems?

Security lighting control systems are similar to the many types of home automation systems which allow home and business owners to conveniently control every aspect of their lights. Standard motion sensor lights are great when they function at night, but they can drive energy costs up because many units can also be triggered during daylight. Specialized lighting control systems allow users to set specific times for energy to be supplied to light sources. Some systems also offer convenient remote controls which allow users to control lights without needing to approach a switch.

Which System Would Work Best for You?

There are several ways that lighting control systems can be controlled. Many people who already have automation systems in their home or business can have their security lighting connected to the automation network on their computer to easily manage their operation. Other systems can be installed as standalone units if there isn’t a pre-installed automation system. An important security feature that everyone should consider is systems which offer handheld remotes which can activate indoor and outdoor lights as needed to increase safety at night.

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