Cellular Booster System

Despite living in North America where there is an abundance of cellular towers and services that would seemingly make it easy to always have a strong cell phone signal, many of us deal with spotty service and signals that can be very frustrating.  Gone are the days that having a strong cell signal was a luxury – in today’s era where we all need our phones for many essential tasks during the day, it is critically important to have a strong cellular signal. Fortunately, if you struggle with a weak or unreliable cell signal at your home, there is a solution! Home cellular signal booster systems enhance and strengthen your cellular signal, regardless of your cellphone carrier.

Cellular booster systems can be configured for any indoor setup and will significantly improve signal strength and clarity. Further, the booster system can be uniquely configured to accommodate as many users as necessary. Depending on your unique configuration, your booster system will cover your entire household (up to thousands of square feet), so that regardless of where a user is located in your home, they will have access to a strong cell signal.

There are a number of advantages to cellular booster systems beyond a strong signal. Your booster system will actually extend the battery life of your phones and/or devices because a stronger signal allows your device to use less power. Additionally, if you needed a landline only because you didn’t have a reliable cell signal, you may be able to cut the cord and ditch the landline all together thanks to your booster system. And, if you or anyone else in your household streams a lot or works from home and transmits a lot of data, a cellular booster system will increase the speed of data transfer. Finally, if you rely on your cell signal for your security system, boosting your cellular signal will give you peace of mind that you have enhanced your safety and security at your home with reliable service. Speak to an experienced cellular booster system installer to learn how you can integrate this useful technology in your home!

How to choose a cellular booster system?

People get frustrated when they have dropped calls or slow downloads. Unfortunately, even in this modern era, some regions have the weakest signal. This may lead to an array of challenging situations and problems. The best solution to this problem is investing in a cellular booster system. It is a device that can amplify weak signals and boost the coverage space. They work with all kinds of smartphones, landlines and tablets. However, the market is filled with plethora of products claiming to be the best. Picking the right one out of them is easier than ever.

The first thing is to the consider the uplink and downlink power. Both of these factors work by a simple concept. When uplink signal is strong, the other party can hear the voice of a caller clearly. When downlink is strong, callers can hear the voice of the other party clearly. Both voices cannot be heard when these two links are weak. Hence, consider the uplink and downlink power of a booster system before investing in it. Research the market for all available options and find the best one with strong powers for both of these signal links.

Next, people can choose the best cellular booster systems by considering the decibels gain. Signal strength is measured in dB. For instance, closer to -50dB indicates a full strength bar on the cell display. Conversely worse signals are indicated near -120 dB on the scale. Hence, check the decibel gain of a device to get the most powerful signal amplification. Even a difference of 10dB can make a huge difference in the actual output. Therefore, make sure to factor in even the slightest difference in decibel boosting rates.

Another important factor to consider is the coverage area of a device. For instance, when a whole house has a weak signal problem, it could benefit from a device that covers the most area. Especially large properties, institutions, and warehouses need the maximum coverage from the booster system.

Lastly, the ultimate decisive factor is the outside signal strength. First, know the strength of signal around that region and compare that rate with the one offered by the booster system. People can also use a signal booster to measure this rate. Make sure to hire professional installers with experience and knowledge to cover the area needed.

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