Can Your Home Network Keep Up with You?

Most homes today are bursting with technology that depends on a reliable, secure, and fast internet connection. And, with so many people working from home and remote learning, maintaining a good connection can be challenging. With multiple devices, computers, and other technologies simultaneously demanding bandwidth, a robust home network is a must. Your home network reliability is now essential to your being able to do your job or your child being able to attend school and with so much on the time now is the time to see if your home network can keep up with your needs.

If you think your home needs a home network upgrade, a professional can evaluate your home’s internet speed and connection, your home’s layout, and your unique network needs, and then make specific recommendations for your home. One thing that may need to be adjusted is your router location. The farther the router is from the device, the more things in your home can get in the way of the signal and diminish your network connectivity and speed.

So what type of bandwidth capabilities can support your current needs?¬†ZDNet¬†digs a little deeper into increasing your bandwidth to meet modern demands, “In our new pandemic-driven normal, it’s all about the video. Emails and basic web surfing consume a relatively small amount of bandwidth. Photos and music consume more, as do games. But it’s video that’s the big bandwidth hog…When you sign up for broadband service, your ISP usually sells you a package based on the upload and download bandwidth you choose. The more capacity, the more expensive. The less capacity the less expensive…The bottleneck for many families working and learning at home is going to be the upload capacity offered by their ISPs. Some families may not have access to higher upload capacities…A wired connection is always going to be more reliable and usually faster than a wireless connection. If possible, run wires…Consider adopting a mesh network for your Wi-Fi to reach far-flung areas of your home.” Once you have determined what you need, a professional can discreetly run wires inside the walls and make adjustments as needed to ensure your home network is fast, reliable, and secure.

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