Bring the Movie Theater Experience Home with Professionally-Installed Surround Sound

Who doesn’t love sitting down with snacks in a dark theater and watching a movie? There is just something about the combination of the dark theater, comfortable seat, huge image, and excellent sound that draws you into the immersive movie-going experience.  To truly have that immersive experience you must have high-quality surround sound or it will not be the same.  So, when you want to add a home theater it is imperative that you not only have surround sound but professionally-installed surround sound.

When you sit in a movie theater you will hear the plane flying in from the left from the left speakers.  If there is an explosion it will happen all around you.  When that car races in from the right side, the right side speakers make the noise.  All of that directional audio makes it feel more like you are really there.  So naturally, if you watch a movie at home and you just have a couple of front speakers the audio experience will not be the same.  Surround sound is what makes watching a movie at home turn into a movie theater experience at home.

While there are many DIY surround systems for purchase at big box stores, they will not be the same as a high-quality, professionally-installed surround sound system.  Not only is the quality of equipment lower but when you install it yourself it will not be as aesthetically pleasing.  Professionals know exactly where to place speakers, subwoofers, and more so that the quality of sound is optimized.  Further, they know how to program your surround sound receiver so that it actually gives you the surround sound experience that you want.  And, professional audio/video technicians will do it right the first time so that you do not waste time or do it incorrectly.  Surround sound speakers can be flush-mounted in the surround walls or ceiling so that they take up less space and are camouflaged for a superior aesthetic appeal in the room.  When you want the true movie theater experience at home the best way to achieve it is with professionally-installed surround sound.

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